What We Do

Not all candles are created equal. Each candle is sought after and reclaimed in Scranton Pennsylvania. We spend hours searching for unique one of a kind containers that we then hand pour with 100% Soy Wax that is purchased two hours south of Scranton. Soy wax is a natural slow clean burning wax. The average burn time per ounce of Soy Wax is between five and seven hours. You will notice your Reclaimed A Candle Company candles will burn much longer then you may be used to! We scent our candles with high quality Fragrance Oils that are Phthalate free and are infused with Essential Oils.


A love of all things vintage and unique was combined with quality hand-poured candles to create Reclaimed A Candle Company. On an average day our shop has wax on the stove smell of something sweet in the air. Our early Saturday mornings are spent at local flea markets and estate sales searching for the next Reclaimed candle, the search is half the fun!

Reclaim Your Own

Reclaimed candles are hand-poured in unique tins, glassware and jars. One of our favorite things to do is create custom candles for our customers. Bring in your Grandmother's tea cup or your Dad's tobacco tin and we will pour it with your scent of choice.

Venues & Events

We love to celebrate and enjoy life. If you have an upcoming event or own a venue we would love to chat with you about providing Reclaimed candles. Soy candles burn clean and for extended amounts of time so you will enjoy having Reclaimed candles at your event or venue. No order is to big or small, please contact us for more information.